Hieroglyph at Tumblr, September 30th

Bear, Ashby, Cramer at Tumblir

From Madeline Ashby:

I just wrapped up my first real book tour, in support of the Hieroglyph anthology. I was lucky enough to attend events in NYC, DC, and Ottawa. So, it was a tiny tour for me, but it was pretty packed.

For example, I got to visit Tumblr HQ with editor Kathryn Cramer (right) and contributor Elizabeth Bear (left). The three of us spent a lot of time hanging out over the tour, and I’m really glad we did. It was like Bridesmaids, or Thelma & Louise, only about science fiction writers. (Someone, please steal this pitch.)

At Tumblr we did a reading and drank much iced tea. Every time I’m in the States, I try to drink as much unsweetened iced tea as I can. The only iced tea you can get in Toronto is Nestea, and it tastes like the bait left out for wasps in Hell. Pun intended.

Photo by David G. Hartwell.

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